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Our Real Estate Safety Seminar Preview

Our Real Estate Agent Safety Seminar is eye opening and jaw dropping. The beauty of the system is in its simplicity. You don't have to be big and strong. You just have to be prepared.

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What is the COBRA-Defense Real Estate Agent Safety Program?

This is not a general self-defense program. This program is designed specifically for real estate agents. 

Most people would never meet a stranger in a secluded house, but real estate agents do it for a living. According to the National Association of Realtors, 48% of all REALTORS© have felt physically threatened and uncomfortable during a showing.

Not Just for New Agents

As this video shows, many real estate agents who've been attacked had years of experience.

A bad guy is not always looking for the most attractive victim. He is more often looking for a soft target. That could be the agent who has shown properties for a decade or two without incident. This agent may have grown comfortable in his or her safety and is complacent in caution. In the eyes of a bad guy, this person probably has more money/jewelry on them and will put up less of a fight when punched in the face. That is a classic soft target.

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We Will NOT Make You Learn Karate in an Hour.

Real Estate agents come in all shapes and sizes. Our program is not a martial arts based "kick'm in the groin" class. It is 95% strategic prevention. Most bad guys know that if their plan does not work, they are heading to prison for a long time. With our law enforcement experience, we know that criminals want the easiest path to your possessions and/or their perversions. Our job is to teach you how to present yourself as the most difficult target.

911 Demo from our Real Estate Agent Safety Seminar

Why Brokers Should Prepare Their Agents for These Situations

They may be independent contractors, but they are still on your team.

Nothing will have the positive impact on an office of real-estate agents as their broker investing in their safety. Everyone knows that the goal is to create income for the office and the agents. Everyone also knows, even in the back of their mind, that there is an inherent risk involved. Though the risk is low, the consequences are deadly. Spending 90-minutes or so bringing an expert in will inspire appreciation and maybe save a life.

Real Estate Agents are Soft-Targets

Successful agents are high profile. They look like "money." Money attracts bad guys. 

As a recent high profile real estate agent murderer was being escorted to a squad car in handcuffs he was asked, "Why did you choose her?" His answer is all you need to know about why need to be careful, "She was a rich broker and alone."  

active shooter training

OSHA Requires Workplace Violence Training

OSHA can fine employers if reasonable steps to maintain a safe workplace are not taken.

One government agency sure to get involved if there is an active shooter situation in your workplace is the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. OSHA may cite and fine employers for failing to provide workers with adequate safeguards against workplace violence.


Clients Include

real estate safety seminar for charles rutenberg realty
active shooter training
real estate safety seminar for remax realty
real estate safety seminar for K Company realty
real estate safety seminar for keller williams realty
  • Excellent instruction that was informative, hands on and made me feel more confident. THANK YOU!
    Ashley Bridgers KW Real Estate
  • Excellent and educational for real life training. 
    Cindy Walker Realtor®
  • Very informative, learned steps to take command of the situation or at least to be more aware.
    Billy Bruford Realtor®
  • Learned this strategy in one day! Every real estate agent should take this course.
    Paula Myers Realtor®
  • I would recommend this class to all my peers, family and friends.
    Roseanne Lombardo Realtor®
  • This was a great experience for me as a 29-year-old female agent. 
    Karen Quinly Realtor®
  • This seminar dispels myths regarding the effectiveness of normal weapons in “real life” situations. This was a real eye opener.
    Gaye Mooreland Realtor®
  • This was one of the most informative and enlightening classes I have ever attended! I love how it was specific to real estate agents.
    Cacey Graydon Realtor®
  • We couldn’t find a course that would be able to train our agents until we found COBRA After the training our agents were very impressed with the course and what they learned.
    Charles Anderson Broek

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active shooter training

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